Fake Game 2: Seahawks vs. Broncos (Postview)

The pseudo-Seahawks crushed the pseudo-Broncos 40-10.  I actually watched a few plays of this game.  I was channel surfing, saw it was airing and couldn’t resist.  I was nervous when I switched it on.  Since I’ve been ragging on preseason football so much, I was worried my mere observation of the game would cause a rupture in the NFL space-time continuum, the ramifications of which Stephen Hawking (and Steven Hauschka) could only theorize in his wildest dreams.  But, like Doc Brown with the taped up letter, I figured, “What the hell?”.

I saw Russell Wilson fumble a snap (or maybe it was the center’s fault, it’s tough to tell), pick it up and deliver a nice ball to Jermaine Kearse for a touchdown.  Then I listened to the commentators talk about how much Pete Carroll loves Kearse, and how much he’s stepped up his game since the Percy Harvin injury, and then I remembered why I usually don’t watch preseason in the first place.  It’s iron pyrite.  I want Kearse to be good — if only because the ‘Hawks haven’t had a good Huskie since, I don’t know, Warren Moon? — but a few TDs in mid-August don’t mean a whole lot.  A good rule of thumb is, you can pretty much discount everything that happens in Seahawks games prior to the Mariners being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  That’s the cutoff, and we aren’t quite there yet.  If the M’s win at least 35 of their last 39 games, they’ll have an outside chance at the second wild card.

The only other take away I had from the game is that Hauschka quite possibly has the most lackadaisical kicking motion in the game.  His stroke for 45-yard field goals is the same as for extra points.  It doesn’t look like he’s generating any power.  But you can’t argue with the results.  (He was perfect from within 50-yards last year).  You can however point out that field goal kicking is a fickle skill.  One minute you’re the most accurate kicker in NFL history, the next people are watching you shank the biggest kick of your career in a Youtube clip set to a random buttrock song.  Fickle indeed.


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