Fake Game 4: Seahawks vs. Raiders (Postview) — Flynn Flynned Again?

And the Seahawks complete a perfect fake season. Four and oh.  Hooray.

Steven Hauschka led the way (5-5 on field goals, three from 50+ is pretty impressive, fake game or not), and the ‘Hawks polished off the Oakland Raiders last night 22-6Tarvaris Jackson played alright, while the man he will likely be replacing as Seahawks Clipboard Holder Number One, Matt Flynn, was out with an injury on the other sideline.  Flynn’s tendonitis, not to mention his subpar preseason, might have opened the door for Terrelle Pryor as Raider starting quarterback (Pryor’s lackluster performance last night notwithstanding).

And really, why shouldn’t Terrelle Pryor get a shot?  His size and skill set is not that different than Colin Kaepernick‘s, and his background — successful Big 10 quarterback, third-round pick — is pretty similar to Russell Wilson‘s.  I’m not saying he’ll be as good as Kaepernick or Wilson were last year, I’m just saying he seems like a decent player to take a chance on, especially when there isn’t that much to lose.  Really, Pryor should have been given a shot last year, but the Raiders forced their starting QB hand with that hideous Carson Palmer trade — a debacle of a move made worse by the fact that its mastermind, former Bengals wide receiver coach turned Raiders head coach, Hue Jackson, is back in Cincinnati again.  If I were a Raider fan I’d cringe every time I saw Jackson trash-talking on Hard Knocks.*  Although, if I were a Raider fan I’d have much bigger worries, given this latest report.

As for the Seahawks’ position battles, we shall have a good idea how it will all play out soon enough.  Final cuts for the 53-man roster must be made tomorrow before midnight.  I, for one, am really pulling for free safety Darryl Williams to make the roster.  As a 43-year old man who retired 12 years ago, he’s a long shot, but still, check out this hit.


*I do however like the fact that Hue Jackson spells his name like the synonym for color, not like the actual name Hugh.  It’s very Avant-garde.

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