Fake Game 4: Seahawks vs. Raiders (Preview) — DL on the DL

Finally!  The final fake game of the fake season.  Seahawks vs. Raiders tomorrow night.  The key to this game is not getting anybody hurt, especially on the defensive line, especially Red Bryant.  The D-line has already been ravaged by injury (and a suspension… Damn you, Adderall!).  Here’s the D-line inventory (the statuses are just my best guesses, they aren’t anything official):

Would-be starters
DE Red Bryant — Healthy and good.  And round-faced.  And big… really big.
DE Chris Clemons — Doubtful for the opener due to last year’s torn ACL.  He might be placed on the PUP list making him ineligible until Week 6.  I’d curse Dan Snyder and his shitty field, but I remember this.  There’s already enough Snyder hate among fans of his own team.
DT Brandon Mebane — Questionable for opener with a groin injury.
DT Tony McDaniel — Questionable for opener with a groin injury.

Would-be good rotation guys
DE Cliff Avril — Highly questionable for opener with a hamstring injury.
DE Michael Bennett — Questionable for opener with a toe thingy.
DE / LB Bruce Irvin — Yeah, I know he’s probably getting moved to linebacker, but he could play the line in a pinch…  If he weren’t suspended for the first four games, that is.

Would-be serviceable (I think) backups
DT Jordan Hill — The third round draft pick this year, out for a few weeks with a shoulder injury.
DT Jesse Williams — The fifth round draft pick this year, on IR with a knee injury.
DT Clinton McDonald — He’s healthy and can dance apparently.  He also recovered the Robert Griffin III fumble in the video linked above.

The looked-good-in-preseason guy
DE Benson Mayowa — Be wary of the looked-good-in-preseason guy.  Be very wary.

The new guys
DT Sealver Siliga — The ‘Hawks just traded a possibly-sorta-decent backup for him.  Hopefully he can play at least a tiny bit.
DE / LB O’Brien Schofield — Got a bit of run in Arizona last year.  If his name was Schofield O’Brien would it be more or less unusual than it is now?

DE Kenneth Boatright
DE Greg Scruggs
DT Michael Brooks
DT Dewayne Cherrington
DT Jaye Howard
No idea who these guys are.  I suspect most of them won’t make the squad.

My prediction for Week 1
Bryant and Mayowa at the ends (Avril won’t go Week 1), Mebane and McDaniel give it a go on the interior.  McDonald, Schofield, Siliga, and a random question mark guy serve as the backups / rotation guys.  Also, the Seahawks lure this guy out of retirement and put him at defensive end.  OK, probably not that last one.