Game 1: Seahawks 12, Panthers 7 — Cliche Roulette

Gutty is the correct sports cliche, but I also would’ve accepted gritty.  Or if you said the ‘Hawks ground one out or won ugly that would’ve been okay too.  However you describe it, it’s a road win against a (probably) good team.  Sure, some more points would’ve livened things up a bit, but, all things considered, it was a fine opener.

Down Brandon Browner, who was out with a hamstring injury (Thurston Howell III started in his place), and half their line, the D was staid.  They were the best part of the game for the ‘Hawks — very reminiscent of last year’s performance against the Panthers.  They even gave up a long drive at the end before forcing a huge turnover, just like they did last season.  The run defense was a bit soft, giving up over 5 yards-per-carry, but a decent chunk of that was Cam Newton (5-38), who a) is a brute, b) only averaged 5.4 yards-per-pass.  That’s the type of Cam Newton run-pass tradeoff Seahawks fans can live with.

The offense sputtered because the ground game was nonexistent save for two key runs.  Beastmode salted the game away with a 14-yarder on the final drive, and Turbinmode (“The Wind Turbin-e”?  I’ll keep thinking about it.) went for 15 on a draw play on the touchdown drive.  Russell Wilson didn’t look like he was having much of a game while I was watching it, but in retrospect, with the boxscore and highlights at hand, I think he played pretty well.  His 13-yard completion to Doug Baldwin (huge game) on third-and-eight was beyond absurd.  And it got even better when he hustled the team to the line, forcing Carolina to challenge without getting a good look at the play and waste a timeout — a timeout the Panthers would’ve found very helpful at the end of the game.  I do believe this is one of those “little things” coach–turned-talking-head-types like to rave about.  Wilson’s touchdown ball was a fantastic catch by Jermaine Kearse (not just a preseason hero!), and it came on the heels of a tough drop by Stephen Williams.  Wilson later said about the non-catch, “I was surprised we’d missed on that one.  Maybe I threw it a little too far”.  Which translates from QBspeak to, “Yeah, the receiver has gotta make that catch.”

My favorite drive of the game was the final clock-killer.  I thought the play calling was really smart.  Instead of just plowing into the line twice and bringing up third and long, Carroll & Co. kept dialing up those little play-action flare passes into the flat (Feed it to Derrick Coleman in the post!).  Carolina didn’t get the ball back, and there was 5:25 on the clock when the Seahawks took over.  Gutty drive.  Gutty, indeed.


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