Game 2: Seahawks vs. 49ers (Preview) — Sea + [Fence Icon]

Ever think of something good — an idea or a joke or something — only to see somebody else, somebody much more prominent than you, use it shorty thereafter? This happens to me from time to time, and it’s a mixed bag.  On one hand, it gives you some validation — “I knew that was a good idea!”  On the other hand, it’s like, “Shit!  Now I can’t use it without looking like a total hack.”  (Or more of a total hack, as the case may be.)

I bring this up because last night I wrote a brilliant, mirthful draft of this entry about how the key question to the Sunday night showdown isn’t, “How are the ‘Hawks going to contain Colin Kaepernick“; it’s “How am I going to watch Breaking Bad without missing any of the game?”  Then this afternoon, I read this piece.

In retrospect, taking the Breaking Bad angle was doomed from the get go.  The show is too hot right now, too obvious.  It’s ubiquity in online media is ridiculous.  The entire Internet is already abuzz with Breaking Bad discussion, analysis, theories, jokes, and conjecture.  Even on those terrorism websites where they spew anti-American propaganda and try to recruit holy warriors — even on those — they run weekly recaps of Breaking Bad episodes.  (Seriously, Andy Greenwald put up a great piece about the creepy sexual tension between Todd and Lydia for this morning.  You should check it out.)

Anyway, here’s the only part of my original post that wasn’t stolen telepathically by the Sports Guy.

Six questions I have about the game:

  • Which nationally-televised, Seahawks-home-game staple will NBC show first, the guys throwing fish at Pike Place Market, or Big Lo holding Sea-fense signs?
  • How many receiving yards will Chris Harper have?  150?  200?
  • Is there any love lost between Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll?
  • How do you feel about Russell Wilson‘s Twitter handle being @DangeRussWilson?
  • Did you know that when these two teams played in 2008 the starting quarterbacks were Seneca Wallace and J.T. O’Sullivan?
  • Did you know five years isn’t all that long ago?