What’s in a Name? Seahawks 2014 Draft Picks Graded

Keeping in line with my annual tradition, here is each 2014 Seahawks draft pick graded solely by his name.  I contend these grades will be just as useful as those from any expert analyst.

Paul Richardson, WR, Colorado

It’s a boring name, but not necessarily a bad name.  There is some history of Richardsons succeeding in sports.  In basketball, Quentin Richardson and Jason Richardson were both pretty good players in their primes, and let’s not forget about Micheal Ray Richardson and Pooh Richardson either.  In baseball, Bobby Richardson was the MVP of the 1960 World Series.  As for the NFL, the best Richardson was probably ’60s wide receiver Willie Richardson.  But my personal favorite was a receiver named Gloster Richardson who caught passes from Len Dawson on the Kansas City Chiefs back in the day.  There was also another wide receiver named Paul Richardson whose Pro-Football-Reference page is now being repeatedly linked to inadvertently.  Grade: C

Justin Britt, OT, Missouri

Most people hear Britt and immediately think Kenny Britt — the former Titans first-rounder who hasn’t panned out and probably never will.  But I hear Britt and think Britt Burns, the Chicago White Sox hurler from the ’80s who was sneaky good until a chronic hip condition forced him from the game at just 26 years old.  Burns was especially effective as rookie in 1980 when he lead all AL pitchers with 7 WAR.  And that’s the model for Justin Britt; he might be the Week 1 starter at right tackle, and if he can produce anything close to the football equivalent of a 7-WAR season, he’ll be the steal of the draft.  Grade: B

Cassius Marsh, DE, UCLA

Cassius is a fantastic name, but it comes with great expectations.  Living up to the arguably the greatest heavyweight boxing champion ever is a lot of pressure.  I like this pick, but it’s risky — very risky.  Grade: B

Kevin Norwood, WR, Alabama

Jerious Norwood wasn’t a bad player.  He was a nice “change of pace” back for some decent Falcon squads in the late 20 aughts.  But when it comes to Norwoods in the NFL, unfortunately, this is all people remember.  Grade: D

Kevin Pierre-Louis, LB, Boston College

Back-to-back Kevins: I like the willingness to go against convention with this pick.  I also like that he’s an edge front seven guy with Pierre in his last name — very reminiscent of Jason Pierre-Paul.  Also, in training camp, he can have the Ultimate Pierre Off with offensive lineman Lemuel Jeanpierre.  That will be fun.  Grade: B

Jimmy Staten, DL, Middle Tennessee St.

There is not a lot to go off with Jimmy Staten.  Jimmy is so generic, and the only Staten I know is an island.  I’d like to give him an incomplete grade, but I’m bound by the honor code that football bloggers have to live by to give him an actual grade.  I’ll play it right down the middle.  Grade: C

Garrett Scott, OT, Marshall

Ugh … Didn’t the ‘Hawks learn their lesson last year about drafting offensive linemen with two first names?  2013 seventh-rounder Ryan Seymour didn’t play a down last season for the Seahawks and now he’s on the 49ers.  I don’t like this pick at all.  Grade: D

Eric Pinkins, FS, San Diego St.

Eric is a strong name for a defensive back: Eric Allen, Eric Berry, Eric Davis, Eric Weddle, and Eric Wright were all All-Pros at some points in their respective careers.  Great value pick by the ‘Hawks taking a safety named Eric so late in the draft.  Grade: B

Kiero Small, RB, Arkansas

Saving the best for last — the ‘Hawks nailed it in the final round.  Kiero just sounds cool, and if you’re a fan of irony, nothing beats a 244-pound man named Small.  This was my favorite pick of the draft, without question.  Grade: A

Overall Grade: &

Last year I gave the ‘Hawks an overall grade of $, and nothing is more money than winning the Super Bowl, so I’m 1-for-1 with draft assessments.  This year I’m going with the ampersand to signify “and another one” … ‘Hawks 2014.

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